Congratulations on your decision to get married. It’s an exciting time with lots of wedding planning ahead!

While you need only give four months notice of your intention to marry it is common practice for a couple to book the church a long time in advance. So it is important to contact the Parish Office to make sure that the church is available on the day you require. You will also need to look at participating in a marriage preparation course which is a lovely way for you as a couple to take a look at your own relationship. The Civil Authorities also have state requirements which must be fulfilled.

The following information may be helpful

  • Kindly make an appointment with a priest in the parish of the bride at least THREE MONTHS before the date on which you plan to marry. The meetings of the couple with their priest are a key part of the preparation process.
  • A highly recommended part of preparation for a church wedding is participating in a pre – marriage course.
  • Kindly google to book your pre marriage course as far away as possible from your wedding date so that you are not taken up with the challenges of your wedding planning. The course is meant to be a relaxed, reflective look at how you are getting on and how you might deepen further your relationship.
  • The priest will advise you on the paperwork involved for both the church and state.
  • There are many websites which are very helpful including
  • To celebrate the sacrament of Marriage does not require the celebration of Eucharist (Mass). Some couples today find the celebration of Marriage without the Eucharist, to be more appropriate for them.
  • Marriages on Sundays, Holydays and some special Church celebrations (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Feast of All Souls) are not permitted in this Diocese.

If you have any further queries regarding your Church Ceremony, please contact the Parish Office. 067-27105 You may also find the following links helpful 

Plan Ahead: Essentials for your wedding . . . .

Church and Ceremony 
Book the Church * 
Book the Priest * 
Readers and Singers Wedding Booklet Wedding
Music Ushers, Servers etc. 
Papal Blessing
Items marked * are essential.
Documents Needed 
Baptism Certificate * 
Confirmation Cert 
Pre-nuptial Enquiry * 
Letter of Freedom* 
Pre-marriage course Cert.
 Disp. for mixed marriage 
Civil Registration *
Items marked * are essential.